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Coconut Sweetener

No. #1 Supplier & Producer of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia

Coconut sugar, derived from the sap of coconut palm flowers, is a natural sweetener known for its rich flavor and lower glycemic index compared to refined sugars. It offers a healthier alternative for sweetening various dishes and beverages, while also providing trace amounts of minerals. With its delicious taste and sustainable production methods, coconut sugar is a favored choice for those seeking a more natural and ethical sweetening option.

No. #1 Supplier & Producer of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia

natural coconut sugar

No. #1 Supplier & Producer of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia

organic coconut sugar

No. #1 Supplier & Producer of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia

coconut nectar syrup

No. #1 Supplier & Producer of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia

arenga palm sugar

No. #1 Supplier & Producer of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia

Fun Facts Benefits of Coconut Sweetener

Natural sweetener, Lower glycemic index, Rich in minerals, Suitable for vegan and plant-based diets, and Unique flavor profile.

Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated coconut is finely shredded and dried coconut meat that adds a rich and nutty flavor to dishes and desserts.

desiccated coconut

low fat

No. #1 Supplier & Producer of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia

high fat

Fun Facts Benefits of Desiccated Coconut

Versatile ingredient, Adds texture and flavor, Good source of dietary fiber, Contains beneficial fats, and Provides essential minerals.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a versatile and natural oil known for its moisturizing properties and potential health benefits, making it a popular choice for various purposes.

virgin coconut oil

No. #1 Supplier & Producer of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia


RBD coconut oil

No. #1 Supplier & Producer of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia

Fun Facts Benefits of Coconut Oil

Moisturizing properties, Supports hair health, Natural makeup remover, Potential antimicrobial effects, and Versatile cooking oil.

Coconut milk & coconut cream

Coconut cream and coconut milk are creamy extracts from coconut meat that add a rich, tropical taste to dishes and beverages.

No. #1 Supplier & Producer of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia

coconut milk


coconut cream

No. #1 Supplier & Producer of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia

Fun Facts Benefits of Coconut Cream & coconut Milk

Good source of energy, Supports heart health, Rich in essential nutrients, Boosts the immune system, and Beneficial for skin and hair care.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a hydrating and refreshing beverage extracted from young coconuts, known for its natural electrolytes and replenishing properties.

coconut water

No. #1 Supplier & Producer of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia

Fun Facts Benefits of Coconut Water

Hydrating properties, Natural electrolyte source, Low in calories, Contains essential vitamins and minerals, and Refreshing and rejuvenating.

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Coconut From Indonesia

Coconut (Cocos nucifera) is one of the important plants in Indonesia. Indonesia has geographical and climatic conditions that are highly suitable for coconut growth, making it one of the largest coconut producers in the world. Here are some insights about coconuts in Indonesia:

  1. Coconut Production: Indonesia is the world’s largest coconut producer. Based on 2020 data, coconut production in Indonesia reached approximately 19.4 million tons, surpassing countries like the Philippines, India, and Brazil. The main coconut-producing provinces in Indonesia include North Sulawesi, North Sumatra, and East Java.

  2. Coconut Plantations: Coconuts are extensively grown in coconut plantations in Indonesia. Besides coconuts, these plantations often cultivate other crops such as cocoa, coffee, and spices. In several regions, especially coastal areas, there are vast coconut gardens with beautiful scenery.

  3. Diverse Utilization: Almost every part of the coconut is utilized in Indonesia. The coconut fruit is used to produce coconut oil, coconut milk, and grated coconut. Coconut water is frequently consumed as a refreshing beverage. Additionally, coconut fiber is used for making ropes, building materials, and handicrafts.

  4. Exports and Economy: Coconuts play a vital role in Indonesia’s economy. Coconut products such as coconut oil, copra (dried coconut), and coconut fiber are exported to various countries worldwide. Coconut exports significantly contribute to the country’s revenue and provide livelihoods for many coconut farmers in Indonesia.

  5. Coconut Downstream Industry: Apart from coconut production, Indonesia also has downstream industries related to coconuts. These include coconut oil processing industries, the production of processed food products using coconut as the main ingredient, such as coconut chips, and the cosmetics industry that utilizes coconut oil as a raw material.

  6. Sustainability and Innovation: Currently, efforts are being made to enhance the sustainability of the coconut industry in Indonesia. Various innovations have been implemented, such as the use of environmentally friendly technologies in coconut processing, the development of superior coconut varieties, and sustainable farming practices.

Coconuts play a significant role in the daily lives of Indonesian people. Economically, coconut farming provides livelihoods for millions of farmers and contributes to the country’s economic growth. Furthermore, coconuts offer nutritional and health benefits through their various products.

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